All These Chickens!

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A friend asked me yesterday why I haven't posted anything in a long time, and it's because I have been relentlessly working on getting the farm running in time for Jon to finish law school. He will indeed be DONE with law school forever tonight at 6 PM CST, and arriving home tomorrow at one.

We had our fair share of up's-and-downs the entire time and after all his hard work I am so proud of him. We have a few weeks to get our farmstand built before we fly to Missouri for his long-awaited graduation ceremony and he starts his new career that following Monday.

Vegetables and fruit are going into the ground, soil is being tilled, goats are milking, the rooster is crowing and we have been overrun with chickens! We have Americauna's hatching left and right. We plan to use the Americauna's for the pretty blue eggs and the other birds will give us home-grown meat, and we will sell the rest.

Recipes will be coming soon, as will the website for our farm. I would love to post more, but I have 100 chicks hatching tomorrow and need to pick up Jon at the airport at 1.

When I find time to breathe I will surely come up to catch my breath and post more. In the meantime, please enjoy the photos. Bandit is the gorgeous new addition to our family. He is the pretty boy with the half-blue eye and although we fell in love with him, so did Bella, you can almost see the twinkle of love in her eyes.

Bandit the Australian ShepherdBella Mott RestivoAraucana Chickens


victor vieira
victor vieira
i will call you first maybe next monday if you are around ,also if you need help on the farm i can donate some time to help out ,we have few kids that we are trying to teach to be respectful of mother nature and her beauty
Chef Vieira, we would love to have you out for a visit! Please call us first, during the off-season we are focused on expanding the farm and aren’t always available to the public.
victor vieira
victor vieira
hello i just found your website ,very cool ,good job ,im looking for some birds ,i raise chickens and other farm animals ,do you have any for sale if so please get back to me i would appreciate it ,also can you send me your address i would love to visit your farm im always looking for produce and other things local i can use at my restaurant ,thank you

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