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Barn Swallow Nest

Barn Swallow Nest

This past weekend was quite busy for the farm stand! We developed a new product called "Carrot Cake Jam", and it has been quite the hit. I decided to come up with something since I had so many bucket carrots left over that were going to go to the goats if I didn't use them in time.

Jon and I wanted to say something about how wonderful all our neighbors have been. We have finally had the opportunity to meet everyone who lives surrounding our farm and they have all made us feel so welcome. Last week we were visited by a neighbor from across the road who we recently were able to meet, along with her family and we are so happy to be neighbors with such wonderful people!

Another neighbor from across the road asked us if we wouldn't mind looking after his horse while he is on vacation. I have loved horses my entire life, and it's been a special treat looking after her. She is friendly, and beautiful. I visit her many times a day and bring her special treats..

I think she is starting to really like me! Jon and I want to keep horses, but that's a few years away. I shot a photo of a nest full of Barn Swallows. They are great birds, although they do make a mess inside the barn. Whenever I go to visit them, there are 5 babies (only 4 in the photo) and a mom looking down at me saying "What the heck are you", yet they show no fear. Beautiful.

I have a recipe coming by the end of the week for an omelet than Jon and I have been eating every single morning for the past 2 weeks, and we are especially proud of it because all the ingredients came from our farm. It's loaded full of fresh veggies, and it absolutely delicious, and cooking it gives me yet another excuse to use my favorite cast iron pan I have raved so much about in the past. Keep posted, it's coming soon!

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