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Growing Bucket Carrots

Growing Bucket Carrots

I promised it wouldn't take me a long time to make an update and I can't believe how much time has gone by since I last posted. So much has been happening, getting a farm together was a huge challenge. A great friend up the road let us borrow her tractor to remove a layer of weedy topsoil, and replace it with a rich, certified organic layer of compost.

Crops are in the ground, and we have hundreds of heirloom tomatoes and pepper plants ready to start producing bountiful amounts of delicious produce. We also found a used greenhouse on Craigslist which was donated to us by a local family. We are using is as our farmstand, and right now we are selling Apple Butter, Pepper Jelly, Zucchini Relish, Eggs, Perennials, and any vegetables that are in season.

Farm Stand

 I took on an experiment a few months back that involved compost, perlite, 5 gallon buckets, a metal halide lamp, and carrot seeds. The end result were the massive carrots you can see in the above photo. I plan to do a YouTube demonstration soon, and in the meantime I am writing out a list of recipes for my upcoming posts.

I must say that the carrots grew wonderfully due to the right mix of perlite which allowed the carrots to expand down. Now that it's summer I don't need to grow them indoors anymore and have more in my garden to sell at our farmstand. Customers have been dwindling in slowly but surely and we are excited to finally be able to earn a small amount of money from a hobby we have both shared for so long. Stay tuned please! I have not, and will not abandon my blog! :)


Aden on March 01 2017 at 08:14AM

Jon, I used about 50/50 with the mixture, and any compost will work so long as it’s light and not heavy. You MUST have holes in the bottom of the buckets, thanks for pointing that out because it slipped my mind. Too much moisture and the carrots will rot. I am trying something else now with using a sand/compost mixture to see if I will get the same results since perlite is SO expensive.

Jonb on March 01 2017 at 08:14AM

Wow! What is the perlite/compost ratio and do you use any old type of compost? I imagine you must have drainage holes in the bucket?

We planted carrots, Belgian whites but the yield was less than stellar.


taylor on March 01 2017 at 08:14AM

i like this idea! my carrots are usually crap, will definately try it out. thanks for the tip!

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