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Spring Kids


It's that time again! With the Spring fast approaching we have expanded our herd of goats with these wonderful kids. We have learned so much over the last several years and keeping goats has proven to be extremely rewarding. We found a great dairy farm in Connecticut and last weekend we were able to purchase 4 girls and a little buck that we will use for breeding in the Fall. The little girl in the photo below is a sable, so naturally we named her Mable the Sable. Our little Saanen goats are named Donald and Donna Dasher. Two of the beautiful girls have yet to be named, but it's only a matter of time until something suiting comes to mind.


We got some really good news this past Tuesday about the pregnancy tests we sent in for last year's doelings. They are indeed 90 days pregnant and should kid sometime in May. We are looking forward to the fresh milk and cheese! With the addition of these goats our work on thinning the land has become much easier. Goats eat everything from poison ivy to stinging nettle; keeping our mowing work to a minimum. Last year I quickly discovered that kissing our goats on the face is bad idea, and I certainly paid the price for it when I got covered in poison ivy.


As you can see in the above photo, feeding kid goats has gotten quite a bit easier for us. We were able to rig up the bucket with tubing so that anytime they need milk during the next 7 weeks it will be ready and available for them. They are already nibbling on hay. I found bottle feeding to be fun and it gave me a special attachment with last years kids but I feel that it's better for the goats to be certain that they will be healthy and grow adequately.

We are giving them whole cows milk which can be a bit expensive but we found it priced very reasonably at our local Aldi. Along with our new goat kids, we are preparing for our honey bee hives and also getting deep into maple tree tapping. Stay tuned for my next post about  how to make maple syrup and enjoy the photo below of Mable meeting chickens for the first time. :)



Leslie Porreca, RSM on March 01 2017 at 08:15AM

Hi Aden,
I love reading your web site and seeing the pictures of what is happening with the goats! I still want to visit but we are very busy here at Cranaleith. Thinking I may get a chance before Easter just for a quick visit with the girls Hannah and Lilac. I know you are busy too…and won’t take much of your time.
Leslie….previous goat tender!

Aden on March 01 2017 at 08:15AM

Bartina, we would love to help! We should have a few born in May if you find a house by then! Let me know and good luck! I know how overwhelming it can be

Bartina on March 01 2017 at 08:15AM

Hey there…if you are ever willing to part with a kid to Massachusetts…I’d REALLY like to take on the commitment. Once we find THE house with THE space that is. :)

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