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Summer Harvest

Summer comes and I find myself completely overwhelmed with everything happening on and off of the farm. We wanted to let everyone know that the Foster, RI Old Home Days is happening this weekend. You should take a ride out to Western, Rhode Island and see how beautiful our town is. Last year we won 3rd place in the pie baking contest with our Very Berry Cherry Pie and this year we are hoping to take 1st place! We thought our gardens were going to suffer this year due to the overwhelmingly hot month of July we had. Everything started to look bad, but we were surprised to see how well everything is doing, and it is completely thriving! 
I could eat carrots all day, picked fresh from the ground. We love to grow a variety of them, and kids who visit our farm just love the different colors! The above photo was snapped this morning, and that isn't even an 8th of what we have left to harvest. We are also planning a second crop of carrots for the Fall. Root vegetables do wonderful in cooler temperatures, so we are expecting a ton of beets, onions, and carrots to be ready right around Thanksgiving.
Corn and squash have been on the grill almost every evening here at the farm. I have to say that my husband is a bit spoiled. He works very hard being an attorney, so he deserves nothing less than the best. I find that growing corn is very easy, and since it loves nitrogen, our goat compost gives them a real growth spurt. Squash grow like weeds, and I have yet to find a soil that it doesn't thrive in.
Tomatoes are easy to grow, but they require a lot of work. You need to keep them staked, and off the ground. If you don't cut off the suckers that grow from the sides, then you end up with a total mess. We like to grow our tomatoes up. We use stakes in the ground, and a rope trellis that we tie the stalks to as the plant grows. This allows continued harvesting, well into the fall if the plants are able to survive insects and drought. 


Linda ( Mom ) on March 01 2017 at 08:16AM

Everything looks awesome, and I love the new picture of the goats and Bobo…lol, I can’t wait to see them tomorrow and it better be warm out…lol, love you!!

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