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1 lb Raw Honey - A Product of Foster, Rhode Island

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We are very proud to offer our customers the purist, most delicious Rhode Island honey. All our honey is produced right here on our farm in Foster, Rhode Island. Our bees have been building out honeycomb for years, and we are currently up to 15 hives, and expanding every year.

Our honey is truly local to Foster, RI. We do not buy honey from other apiaries. We don't pasteurize our honey, thus preserving all of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and pollen found naturally in the honey. Commercial honey is heated to a high temperature to speed up bottling, which destroys and neutralizes all of the good things that come naturally in the honey and remove all the benefits of eating honey.

Our farm, like much of Foster, is surrounded by wetlands and forest. This environment helps the Sweet Pepperbush (clethra alnifolia) plant thrive – an important wild source of nectar and pollen for pollinators like honeybees. One of our (and our bee’s) favorite times of year is the blossoming of the Sweet Pepperbush plants, when the sweet fragrance of these wildflowers fills the forest and sets off one of the busiest times of year for our little foragers.

Because of the abundance of wetlands on our property, including a private lake, the area around our hives is predominantly stocked with Sweet Pepperbush as well as other local wildflowers. Because of this the honey that our bees produce usually contains an exceptionally high amount of nectar from the Sweet Pepperbush plant. We intentionally maximize this by holding off on adding the honey supers to the tops of the hives until the Sweet Pepperbush plants are just about to go into bloom.

The end result this year is a highly desirable, light, very sweet, slightly fragrant honey. It’s resistant to crystallization, so even though it’s raw it should remain completely liquid so long as it’s stored appropriately (always store your honey in a warm area – like on a top shelf or on your windowsill– never in the fridge!). 

Legend's Creek Farm honey is offered in limited quantities. Because every year’s harvest is unique, once this honey is gone it won't be available again until the following year. We are working very hard to increase the number of hives in our apiary in order to meet the demands of our customers as well as all the local restaurants and retail stores.

Please note, we do not and will not sell honey out of our farm. There is no physical store at our farm. We ship all orders through our website. Our farm is not open to the public. Please respect our privacy.

All sales of honey to customers in RI will ship in a glass jar.  At our discretion, any sales of honey outside of RI may ship in a plastic jars due to damages that occur in transit.

Our jars are industry standard queenline honey jars which hold exactly 1 pound of honey by weight, not fluid ounces.  Honey is NOT ELIGIBLE for any sales, or promo codes.

When we started Legend's Creek Farm in 2011, we had no idea where our journey would lead us. The farm started as a very modest operation, with just two goats, a couple chickens, our three aussies and a willingness to work hard to achieve great things.

Our goats were producing more milk than we could use, and there was no way for us to legally sell it for human consumption, so we started making goat milk soap.

As soon as we started using the soap we knew we were onto something amazing. After years of suffering from dry, itchy skin, Jon noticed that his skin was feeling softer, smoother, and a lot less itchy.

Before then, neither of us gave much thought to the skincare products we were buying and using every day. After experiencing firsthand the amazing benefits of using a soap made with goat milk, Aden started tinkering to see what else could be done to make a perfect bar of soap. He tried different oils, exfoliants and fragrances, constantly reworking the formula until he was satisfied with the results.

We started selling our soaps thinking it would be a temporary step towards opening up a full dairy, which had always been our dream. Almost immediately we started hearing from customers telling us how much they loved the soap. More and more emails and reviews started coming in from customers letting us know that after years of dealing with dry skin and even some skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, our soap was the only product they had tried that gave them some relief.

After hearing from countless people that our soap had transformed their lives we started considering what other products we could offer. We saw that a ton of the products we used on our bodies every day contained a long list of confusing, obscure ingredients. Most of those products came from companies offering no insight into where their ingredients came from, how they were made, or who was making them. Worst of all, they seemed to be causing skin irritation rather than alleviating it.

We applied the same principals that gave us such amazing soap to developing other products: keep the ingredients simple, include only ingredients that make your skin feel amazing, and leave out anything that isn't absolutely necessary. From those principals we've been able to develop an ever-expanding line of products we are truly proud of.

We care deeply about our customers, animals and the environment, and those priorities are reflected in every one of our products. We try to ship every order the day that we receive it so our customers can receive their orders quickly. We will not offer a product for sale unless it meets our own extremely high standards, which often means months (if not years) of testing and refinement until we are satisfied with the end result. We are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and only purchase from suppliers that are also certified cruelty-free. We also recently converted the farm and business to run on 100% solar energy.

We are constantly looking for ways to continue improving as well. Our customers' feedback is always taken to heart, and we try whenever possible to listen to our customers and deliver products that meet the high quality standards we and our customers have come to expect. Even with all the growth we've experienced over the past few years, Legend's Creek Farm is still run from our farm, with the two of us (Aden & Jon) responding personally to customers 7 days a week because we value our customers so highly and want to hear about how our products are impacting their lives, and what we could maybe be doing better.

We prioritize quality over profitability, not just with respect to what ingredients are used to formulate our products, but also with respect to where our ingredients are sourced from. We work very hard to ensure our ingredients are sources from reputable sellers, look to use organic ingredients whenever it is available, and buy from sustainable sources whenever a product's sustainability is in question.

All transactions on the website are completely secure. Our website is 100% encrypted, and we do not store or even have access to any credit card information. We fully respect our customers' privacy and do not sell e-mail addresses to any other personal information.

We hope to have your support, and if you do have any questions at all please feel free to reach out and ask. Thank you!

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