We're thrilled to give our customers the opportunity to integrate CBD into our range of salves, boosting their efficacy and tailoring their benefits to your needs. CBD's popularity has soared in recent years as millions of people experience the many benefits CBD has to offer.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but does not contain any psychoactive compounds and will not make you "high". Celebrities, physicians and avid users have been singing CBD's praises, describing its pain-numbing, anti-inflammation effects and range of applications.

As with all of the ingredients in our products, we've worked hard to ensure that our salves contain only the best-available, exceptionally high-quality CBD. Our CBD is sourced from the most reputable, quality-tested sources possible, precisely measured to ensure that our CBD salves can effectively deliver CBD's benefits with uniform potency.

Whether you are looking to enhance the pain-relieving effects of Arnica, the inflammation-fighting properties of Calendula, the anti-aging properties of Tamanu Oil, or any of the other benefits derived from the natural ingredients contained in our line of salves, incorporating CBD into our existing line of topical skin-care products allows you the flexibility to find a product that can target your needs with maximum impact. We will have tinctures available soon.