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We are very proud to offer our customers the purist, most delicious Rhode Island honey. All our honey is produced right here on our farm in Foster, Rhode Island. Our bees have been building out honeycomb for years, and we are currently up to 15 hives, and expanding every year. 

Our farm, like much of Foster, is surrounded by wetlands and forest. This environment helps the Sweet Pepperbush plant thrive – an important wild source of nectar and pollen for pollinators like honeybees. One of our (and our bee’s) favorite times of year is the blossoming of the Sweet Pepperbush plants, when the sweet fragrance of these wildflowers fills the forest and sets off one of the busiest times of year for our little foragers.

Because of the abundance of wetlands on our property, including a private lake, the area around our hives is predominantly stocked with Sweet Pepperbush as well as other local wildflowers. Because of this the honey that our bees produce usually contains an exceptionally high amount of nectar from the Sweet Pepperbush plant. We intentionally maximize this by holding off on adding the honey supers to the tops of the hives until the Sweet Pepperbush plants are just about to go into bloom.

The result is a highly desirable, light, very sweet, slightly fragrant honey. It’s resistant to crystallization, so even though it’s raw it should remain completely liquid so long as it’s stored appropriately (always store your honey in a warm area – like on a top shelf or on your windowsill– never in the fridge!).

Legend's Creek Farm honey is offered in limited quantities. Because every year’s harvest is unique, once this honey is gone it won't be available again until the following year. We are working very hard to increase the number of hives in our apiary in order to meet the demands of our customers as well as all the local restaurants and retail stores.

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