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The intoxicating and therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea have been recognized for millennia. Bathing in the salt from this magical sea can help to soothe aches and pains, giving your body a feast of minerals and providing a weightless barrier for your muscles. Our Dead Sea Salt Soap is rich with this magical substance, with the added benefit of all-natural, organic goat’s milk.

Whilst the Dead Sea salts helps to gently scrub away dead skin layers, the lather from the goat’s milk makes sure that the new ones are protected.

Our Dead Sea Salt Soap is a wave that envelops you and carries you away, escorting you to a sea of nothingness, of peace, solitude and weightlessness. It is a relaxing, uplifting and rejuvenating experience; the perfect way to end a stressful day and to cleanse your mind and your body. The scent is both masculine and feminine and impossible to describe in words. 


Goat Milk, Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Hemp & Shea. Lye, Fragrance, Sea Salt, Oatmeal.    

Everybody asks why we use lye in our soap and the truth is that all soap is made with lye.

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