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While ichthammol is not technically an herb, it is of natural origin and our version of this drawing ointment incorporates pine tar. Our ichthammol and pine tar drawing salve is just like the old-tyme product everyone has so many fond memories of and it is amazing as a drawing salve to help draw things from the skin. 

Ichthammol (also known as ammonium bituminosulfonate or ichtyol) is used by people for drawing foreign objects from the skin such as splinters, silvers, glass, and thorns. It is known to treat boils, abscesses, ingrown toenails, psoriasis, eczema and also to help pull pus from the skin. Beekeepers also use ichthammol to treat stings from honeybees, wasps and hornets.

Ichthammol is manufactured through distillation of shale oil and as such it has a really strong odor of tar. There are many products claiming to be ichthammol on the market today, but many are actually counterfeits from China that consist of soy. If it doesn't smell strong like tar, it is not ichthammol.

We also incorporate sheep's lanolin for for its wonderful moisturizing qualities.

Ingredients: 20% Ichthammol, Petroleum Jelly, Pine Tar, Lanolin.

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