Legend's Creek Farm

Aden Mott & Jon Restivo founded Legend's Creek Farm in 2011 at their first home in Foster, RI. They began raising goats and quickly a company was formed, selling goats milk soap and honey, delivered around the world. Legend's Creek Farm was named after their Australian Shepherd, Legend who passed away in October, 2016.  In 2014, Aden & Jon decided to make a crucial move to a larger property to help facilitate the expansion of their quickly growing business. The farm was relocated to the former home of Droll Yankees, in Foster, RI, in July 2014. The farm currently sits on 52 acres. Future plans include an expansion of the products presently offered to include goats milk cheese. The farm harvests honey from 15 hives.

Meet The Family:

Aden is the full-time farmer and owner/operator of Legend's Creek Farm. He enjoys his animals and livestock, cooking, being outdoors, self-sustainability and music. Aden runs the day-to-day operations of the farm, sources inventory for Amazon from all over the world, and manages the brand development of the company while facilitating its expansion.





Jon is Aden's husband, and practices law in Rhode Island. In his spare time he enjoys being on the farm, and in the company of family and friends, shares a passion for politics, cooking, self-sustainability, law and conservation. Jon is an attorney and Partner at DarrowEverett in Providence. 





Legend was the special boy that the farm was named after. He brought the farm love and smiles every day. He will continue to live on in our hearts and through the farm named in his honor.




Bella is the keeper of the farm. She maintains order, protects her family, and is extremely bashful. She enjoys giving air-kisses, getting her belly rubbed, and attacking Buster's ankles when he runs.





Buster is the sweetheart that everyone loves. He isn't the brightest Aussie in the world, but he has a heart bigger than any other. He enjoys sticks, swimming in the lake, walks in the woods, rides in the UTV, and sometimes the beach.