Goat raspberries

Our goat Francine ate from the raspberry patch!

Have you noticed your skin turning dry and irritated after a shower? Using synthetic soap may be the main culprit; according to the FDA, there are very few real soap products on the shelves of stores – most of them use synthetic detergent products that contain harsh ingredients which can do more harm than good.

A lot of people have turned to using goat milk soap and other natural soaps because they are made using the same processes used by people for thousands of years and have no added commercial detergents. One way to protect your skin is to use natural soap, such as our goat milk soap. Apart from it being delicious, goat milk has been known for its benefits for centuries. It’s packed with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as lactic acids which helps exfoliate the skin and remove the layer of dead skin cells from the surface. AHAs break down the bonds which cause the dead skin cells to stick together, which makes goat milk soap particularly effective at giving you that radiant, younger and smoother look.

What’s more, goat milk soap is also packed with vitamins, amongst which B2 and A. Vitamin A boosts the skin’s natural repair processes and studies have shown that products high in it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help control acne and provide relief to psoriasis and a range of other skin conditions. Additionally, goat milk and goat milk soap are rich in minerals such as selenium which prevent skin damage and protect the upper layers of your skin from excess sun exposure.

Goat milk soap is also great if you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry or sensitive skin. Its high fat content hydrates your skin, and the pH balance of the fatty acids found in goat milk is very similar to the levels in the human body. This makes it easy for your skin to absorb the beneficial minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, without disrupting the natural pH balance of your skin which leaves your skin feeling the way it should.

With all the products on the market today and millions of people suffering from allergies to all the artificial ingredients found in many commercial products, we are proud to offer goat milk soap that has natural ingredients that are proven to be good for your skin. When you add up all the benefits of goat milk soap we think it’s a pretty good reason for everyone to try it out and see for themselves.