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One smell of our Nag Champa Goat Milk Soap will instantly bring back memories of care-free youth. Maybe you associate it with a concert or music festival, or maybe it recalls your favorite vintage clothing store. Maybe you used to burn it (to your parents dismay) while listening to your favorite music. It's warming in fall and winter, and perfectly relaxing in spring and summer.

No matter what this scent means to you, using our Nag Champa goat milk soap will put you in an amazing mood for the entire day. This is one of our newest scents, and has instantly become one of our favorites. We know that after one try you will love it too. 

As with all our scents, our Nag Champa soap is made from simple, high-quality ingredients, specifically formulated to ensure that your skin feels as nourished as your senses each time you use it. 


Goat Milk, Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Hemp & Shea. Lye, Essential Oils    Everybody asks why we use lye in our soap and the truth is that all soap is made with lye.

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