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Our Unscented Soap is a no-frills, stripped-down, fragrance-free version of our goat’s milk soaps. It provides the same thick lather, deep clean and caring moisturization as our other products, without any of the essential oils.

Our All-Natural Unscented Soap is put through the same process as all of our other creations — only the finest ingredients are used and care is taken to make sure every step of the process is done to the highest standards — but we don’t use any dyes or scents when making this soap (in fact, the only scent you will be able to detect is the sweet and subtle smell of fresh goat’s milk). It is a 100% natural and organic soap, perfect for kids or for those with sensitive skin who want to utilize the soothing, natural cleansing power of organic goat’s milk, without any fragrances or colorings.

Our All-Natural Unscented Soap, as with all of the soaps at the Legends Creek Farm, is packaged with a custom wax seal and decorated with our logo; a unique touch to remind you of the thought, attention and care that has gone into your product.

Ingredients: Goat Milk, Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Hemp & Shea, Oatmeal & Sodium Hydroxide. 

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