Did you know that goat milk soap is excellent for people with sensitive skin? We hear from customers daily who have emailed us to say that they have been looking for a product that would hydrate and heal their skin without any irritation or allergic reaction for their whole lives and our products changed everything for them.

The reason we started our company was because we were fed up with all the natural products on the market that contained words we couldn't pronounce in the ingredients list. How is it natural if it contains harmful chemicals?  We spent years trying to make a line of products that WE loved, because if it met our standard then we would be PROUD to offer it to our customers.

More products have failed our strict approval process than have made it to market which is why we stand behind our products and continue to create, and test new product formulas every day. We listen to everything our customers say, which is why making certain that our products helped people with sensitive skin was and still is our top priority. 

Some people may be sensitive to essential oils and natural fragrance even though they are natural so we always recommend customers with sensitive skin try out unscented products first. We think you will enjoy these products, but don't forget we have over 50 different products to choose from that can be enjoyed by everyone.